Customer comments from recent workshops. 

"The children were enthralled by the music and accompanying patter" 

Favourite part of the show was "the range of music covered". 

"Fab, fun learning experience"


Tony Larner 

Head Teacher, Hartpury Primary


"The show was well planned with variety which informed the children clearly about the history of Jazz, and demonstrated the musical styles in a suitably concise and interesting way" 

"Loved hearing live jazz music brought to life by accomplished musicians and watching the enthusiastic reactions of an attentive audience of 5 to 11 year old children as well as staff (age unknown!). Expertly led and good rapport with the audience"

"Great to keep a mixed audience entertained and informed for a

good length of time"

(Would you recommend JazzClass to another school?)

"Definitely.. we had expected to take our younger children out of the session after 20 minutes but they loved it and maintained concentration for the complete session. Many thanks to all concerned"

"Varied, informative, educational and entertaining"


Tracy Smith

School Administrator, Stratton

C of E Primary


"The show was very interesting and allowed great participation from the children.

Favourite part was the great questions asked to the children"

"Fun, entertaining, loud and uplifting!"

Rachel, School Administrator,

Ann Cam C of E Primary, Dymock

Listings of JazzClass events around the region.


As part of a successful pilot project for Gloucester Music Service, the JazzClass tutors visited ten primary schools, bringing their music and humour to children of all ages! Please see our new Feedback column for their comments!


Please check back for details of future projects, including a big-band all-day workshop.




JazzClass - What we offer

Session One - “Jazzworld”

                 (jazz through the ages)


KS2 (primary school) interactive assembly workshop - a one-hour show featuring a medley of jazz tunes and fun. Live 5/6 piece jazz band and audience participation. Pupils are taken through a jazz journey encompassing lots of styles of jazz and how jazz works (blues scale, improvisation etc etc)


Session Two - Jazz Workshops


KS2 jazz workshops, A follow up session (1½ hrs) to the Session One assembly workshop working with pupils who play instruments, learning to improvise and play simple jazz tunes with the band. Possible performance potential within school.


Session Three - Jazz Workshops


KS3 interactive class lessons (same length as class lessons)  for the Jazz and Blues part of the National Curriculum. Small combo to work with pupils in class and help with understanding of the blues looking at scales/chords/improvisation. Class performance with C-JAM Blues in different styles.


Session Four - Jazz Workshops


G.C.S.E. (2 hours) workshop with pupils focussing on aspects of the syllabus.

Creative Task: help with rhythmic phrases, note patterns, melodic phrases, chord sequences

Shared Music: how a soloist works with accompaniment and with a band. Breakdown of how each part works within the band.

Communication: within the band before, during and after a performance. Signals, listening, call and response etc

Rhythmic/Melodic/Harmonic concepts associated with jazz

Structures and Dance Styles: Salsa, Tango, Mambo.

Basin St Blues: Live performance by band with alterations to test aural skills etc.


Session Five - Jazz Workshops


As required for AS Level: (3 hours)

Prescribed works: Norah Jones, Alligator Crawl, Ko Ko, It Ain’t Necessarily So. Transcriptions played for analysis.

Composition: How to approach a jazz tune

Improvisation: Chord sequence/4 pitches/ Rhythmic and melodic stimulus/ developing ideas.

Tonality: Triads/Inversions/7 th chords/ Turnarounds etc.

Effects: Glisses/falls/slides/honks/rim shots etc


Session Six - Big-Band Workshops


Big Band workshops - two alternatives:

a) 3 hours (a half-day)

b) 5 hours (3+2 - a full day)

Beginners: Grade 3-4

Intermediate: Grade 5-6

Advanced: Grade 7-8


Other Options (tailored to your requirements). These utilise the various and wide ranging experience of our musicians.


Latin Jazz workshops (3 hours)


Associated Board Jazz workshops


Summer Jazz School


'Not so strictly' dancing workshops with dance band backing